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Look for Jobs that Have Transferable Skills

  • Service industry – retail, restaurants, and office type jobs don’t offer many transferable skills into firefighting
  • Jobs that involve hands-on where what you are doing is a benefit to you and your department when you join.

Transferable jobs with examples of sellable skills

The following is a list of jobs with transferable skills. These are the skills that can help you attain a firefighter  interview and sell your self at the interview table. A common question that is asked “Tell us what you have done to prepare for the position of firefighter? When discussing your preparation in relation […]

Construction- Laborer

Working jobs in construction, even as simple as a laborer, can offer many transferable jobs. Understanding and a working knowledge in : New home construction design and materials used Legacy construction – materials used and techniques used Residential/ commercial- differences in material and design Skills: Ladders Power/hand tools Small Engines – saws, generators Sawz-all   […]

Working with Small Engines

Small Engines Working with small engines is an excellent skill to develop for the fire service. Some examples of small engines are: Chain saws Lawnmowers Weed eaters Tillers Concrete saws Generators Hydraulic pumps Positive pressure fan Water pumps Examples of some jobs that work with small engines: Small engine repair Wildland firefighter Volunteer/Part-time/Paid on-call firefighter […]

Driver Operator – (Large Vehicle)

Driver Operator Driving an air brake equipped vehicle, Class D in Ontario which is defined as.. allows you to drive a motor vehicle exceeding 11,000 kilograms (24,000 lb) gross weight or registered gross weight, or any combination of motor vehicle exceeding a total gross weight or registered gross weight of 11,000 kilograms (24,000 lb) and towed vehicle […]