Person writing test

The written test measures critical mental capacities required in the fire service, such as mathematical reasoning, interpersonal skills, teamwork, commitment, honesty, integrity, and emotional stability. 

You will see the OFAI’s written test, Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™ (FACT™), used in central Ontario departments, and the Cooperative Personnel Services (CPS) Firefighter Entry-Level aptitude examination offered through Firefighter Services Ontario, used in southwest Ontario departments.

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Sample written tests can be found here and here.


FirefighterPrep Sample test

By: Firefighter Test Prep FireFighterPrep offers a complete online package designed to help our students with every step of the application and testing process. We have practice exams based on a number of different fire tests, including the CPS, FACT, NFST and more, which are interactive and provide feedback. We have teaching material for all subject matter on the exam and you can […]

Math for Fire

What percent of # is #? In 2021, there were about 14,500 deadly automobile accidents. About 5,075 were a result of drunk driving accidents. Approximately what percent of the deadly automobile accidents were a result of drunk driving accidents? 5,075 / 14,500 = 0.35 0.35 x 100 = 35% What is % of #? A […]

Gear Train

Gear A has 6 teeth and is rotating 20 RPM Gear B has 12 teeth and is rotating ? Gear C has 8 teeth and is rotating ? What is the RPM’s of gear C? First you find out the rpms of gear B #teethB =           12 = 2 (Gear Ratio) #teethA      […]