Understanding Stress Management Firefighter Interview Questions

Stress is the most common question asked in firefighter interviews, we will cover everything from burnout, resiliency and coping mechanisms so that you are prepared to answer any question related to stress.

Speakers: Arjuna George Retired Fire Chief – British Columbia Author – Burnt Around the Edges Arjuna has also authored articles for Canadian Firefighter and Firefighting in Canada Certified Executive Coach Helping beat burnout, becoming more resilient and mastering your stress

David Gillespie Chief Training Officer – Ontario Author – Developing Firefighter Resiliency Dave has spoken at FDIC and authored articles for Fire Engineering and Firefighting in Canada

Guelph 2019 firefighter Interview Question How do you feel about burnout in the fire service and what is your opinion on it or what can you do to prevent it?

Toronto 2021 firefighter Interview Question Tell us a time you had to immediately react to a stressful situation without prior ability to contemplate your actions

Okotoks 2022 fire fighter Interview Question What are some strategies that you use to deal with job related stressors?

Firefighter Career Expo- Firefighter Interviews / Firefighter Recruitments – This is us!

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We have been participating and working with fire chiefs at the firefighter career expo for years!! In this video Dave Gillespie / Shawn Cooligan are hosting the mock interview session at the 2017 firefighter career expo.

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How to Prepare and Answer Behavioral Based Firefighter Interview Questions.

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Topics Covered:

1.What is behavioural interviewing?

2.Why do fire departments use this style?

3.What to expect from your firefighter interview panel

4.Key points to consider in your firefighter answer

5.How to prepare for behavioural questions

6.Top 10 behavioral firefighter competencies/

7.Firefighter competencies/skills

Full recorded video over 1 hour long now available on www.firefighterinterviews.com. Also offering Zoom and Face to Face Mock Interview/Critique.

Boyd Street Fire

Boyd Street recounts the 2020 Toy District Fire that injured eleven Los Angeles City Fire Department (LAFD) members. This documentary tells the story of the day of the incident, and the recovery period and departmental self-assessment that followed.

Firefighter Shortage – CP 24/ W5

Firefighter Shortage – CP 24/ W5 – Focus on City Of Kawartha Lakes

Characteristics/ Attributes of a Firefighter- Firefighter Interview Questions

In this video, Rick Laskey does a very good job at explaining some firefighter characteristic traits. Firefighter interviews commonly will include questions regarding firefighter attributes or characteristic traits. This video gives is an excellent description/ definitions of common firefighter attributes and also explains why they are so important in the fire service. This is a must watch video for anyone prepping for firefighter recruitments/ interviews in Canada.

Computer (ATS) Scanning Systems – Firefighter Resume

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ATS (Computer Scanning Systems) Are systems that choose candidates for firefighter recruitments/ interviews, based on scanning your resume for specific details. Understanding how to develop a firefighter resume for firefighter recruitments is crucial to ensuring your resume is making it past the system. This is a 1 hour long video. For the full recorded webinar see www.firefighterinterviews.com

How to compete in the firefighter recruitment process in Canada

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Have you asked yourself.. Why didn’t I get an interview with Toronto Fire? Why didn’t I pass my interview with Edmonton Fire? In this webinar we discuss what you need to do to be competitive in Firefighter Recruitments, receive invites to firefighter interviews and land your dream career as a firefighter. You may be surprised what is required to compete, or what small thing you may be missing.. such as community involvement. This is over 1 hour long. For the full video go to www.firefighterinterviews.com