10 firefighter Interview Questions From Across Canada

1. Okotoks Alberta – Tell us about a time you experienced criticism and how did you respond?

2. Surrey BC – Tell us about a time when you were not pleased with your work performance. What did you do about it?

3. Ottawa, Ontario – Tell us a time you were given orders by a supervisor under a stressful situation and how did you deal with it?

4. Edmonton Alberta – You Respond to an MVC accident. Two car collision with 4 people. Two people in each vehicle. One car is on its side and there is a power line on top of it. Fluid is leaking out of the car. What would you do and why?

5. Calgary Alberta Provide us with an example where something was not black and white and you had to make a decision?

6. Halifax, Nova Scotia – You overhear some firefighters making jokes about an openly gay firefighter who also works at the station. What do you do and why?

7. Toronto, Ontario – Give a time when you immediately responded to a stressful situation. What went through your mind and would you do anything different now?

8. Mississauga, Ontario – Tell us what you’ve done to prepare for this career.

9. Niagara Falls, Ontario – Tell us a time you provided excellent customer service.

10. London, Ontario – What does diversity and inclusivity mean to you? How does it apply in your personal/work life?