Stress is the most common question asked in firefighter interviews, we will cover everything from burnout, resiliency and coping mechanisms so that you are prepared to answer any question related to stress.

Speakers: Arjuna George Retired Fire Chief – British Columbia Author – Burnt Around the Edges Arjuna has also authored articles for Canadian Firefighter and Firefighting in Canada Certified Executive Coach Helping beat burnout, becoming more resilient and mastering your stress

David Gillespie Chief Training Officer – Ontario Author – Developing Firefighter Resiliency Dave has spoken at FDIC and authored articles for Fire Engineering and Firefighting in Canada

Guelph 2019 firefighter Interview Question How do you feel about burnout in the fire service and what is your opinion on it or what can you do to prevent it?

Toronto 2021 firefighter Interview Question Tell us a time you had to immediately react to a stressful situation without prior ability to contemplate your actions

Okotoks 2022 fire fighter Interview Question What are some strategies that you use to deal with job related stressors?