Resume sitting on laptop

The importance of the resume and cover letter cannot be overstated. They’re the foundation of any job search, and it’s likely to be an employer’s first introduction to you.

Avoid companies that use cookie cutter resumes

This is what we call a cookie cutter resume. They are done very quick with profit in mind. This is a style that a specific firefighter resume company uses. Unfortunately this company uses the same format and font type and style for everyone. There are many companies that use cookie cutter resumes. If you are […]

Firefighters Portfolio PPT

A¬†portfolio is a personalised collection of materials. A reflection of you as a professional A record of your professional development Proof of performance on the job or in class What you have accomplished (i.e., tangible artifacts/evidence) Evidence of your learning new skills Click here for a PPT of how to build your Firefighters Portfolio[1]  

Firefighter Resume/Cover Letter PPT

The below power point focuses on the firefighter resume/ cover letter. Dos and don’ts and formatting Please click the link below.     Firefighter-Resume-Cexpo2018-1 (6)