Why not book a Firefighter mock interview…but wait who is qualified to give you the best advice on landing your dream career?

Questions to ask…

  • You need to know who is conducting the mock interview before you pay your money.
  • If they are a plumber giving you advice on your firefighter career interview… think twice… NOT a good idea
  • How long have they been conducting firefighter mock interviews?
  • Are they certified in Human Resources? Is it what they do or have done for their career?
  • Do they work as a firefighter or have in depth knowledge of firefighting? Remember some questions are directly related to the job.
  • Listen to word of mouth… if people are recommending someone investigate further
  • Ask yourself this question “based on my research can this interview coach give me professional advice on the following
    • Behavioural Based Answers – (STAR Method- Competency Based – Specific ways to sell yourself- Do they know and understand all the firefighter competencies and what to look for in your answer?)
    • Situational Based Answers – ( Can be directly related to the job.. like chain of command)
    • Traditional Based Answers- ( What have you done to prepare- which is a much different answer then in other job interviews)
    • Technical Based Answers- (questions like what can you do to prevent a flashover)
  • Do they have knowledge of the departments interview process?