1. Not looking at and not including Human Resources Personnel in your answer delivery
  2. Short answers – not selling self – too modest
  3. When answering a behavioral based question – using the same story from an earlier answer
  4. Negative comments/ situations about your past employers
  5. When answering a behavioural question focusing too much on the situation and not enough on your actions and competency
  6. Answering the question before the interviewer has time to finish the question
  7. Not having a portfolio (original valid documents/ certificates), photocopy of your portfolio to leave with the panel and a resume at the interview (unless you are told not to bring anything)
  8. Using stories that involve drinking or partying to describe your competency
  9. Using slang and the term guys when referring to firefighters
  10. Asking inappropriate questions at the end of the interview that puts a panel member on the spot.