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Applications will be screened to ensure the following qualifications have been met. If you
do not meet ALL of these *, please do not submit an application as it will be screened out:
*Note, as indicated below, some exceptions have been made whereby certain qualifications
are not required at the time of application, provided the applicant obtains said
qualifications by the time of hire.

1. Transcripts demonstrating high school or GED completion (NOT diploma).
*High school transcripts from educational institutions outside of North America may need
to be accredited by a Canadian accreditation service and if not written in English must be
translated to English and officially notarized before submission.

2. Current driver’s abstract (dated no more than 45 days prior to the VFRS application
closing date). This abstract should demonstrate responsible and safe driving behavior.
A current record with:

• Infractions on your Driver’s Abstract within the last 5 years for Driving under
the Influence (DUI) will eliminate applicants from consideration
• More than 7 points may eliminate an applicant from further consideration in
the current process.
• A 24-hour Roadside Prohibition (for possible DUI) within the last 2 years
may eliminate an applicant from further consideration in the current

3. Valid BC Class 3 Driver’s License or higher (Class 1 for example) with air brake
endorsement for vehicles with more than two axles (Automatic transmission is
accepted). Similar licenses from other Canadian Provinces or territories are acceptable
on initial application only. Contact ICBC for equivalency clarification at 1-800-663 3051
*Applications without this qualification will be accepted only if you are able to obtain
the qualification by the date of an official job offer.

4. Two years of accumulated work experience after the completion of high school.

5. Valid BC Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board (EMALB) License in one of the

• First Responder (FR) with Schedule 2 Endorsements
• Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
• Primary Care Paramedic (PCP)
• Advance Care Paramedic (ACP)
• Critical Care Paramedic (CCP)

Please provide a legible copy of the letter from EMALB stating you hold a valid Emergency
Medical Assistant (EMA) license, including your license number and expiry date. *Note: If
you have the older style card license, please include both front and back copies of the

Applicants must possess a BC EMA License. You may contact EMALB via the link below to
enquire about transferring your qualifications:
The EMA license must be maintained throughout the application process.
Newly hired Firefighters will be required to successfully obtain and maintain an
EMR License for the duration of their employment.
*Applications without this qualification will be accepted only if you are able to obtain
the qualification by the date of an official job offer.

6. Legal entitlement to work in Canada must be shown by submitting a clear copy of one
of the following:

• Canadian Birth Certificate
• Canadian Passport
• Current Permanent Resident Card
• Current Landed Immigrant Card
Please note that a work visa is NOT acceptable.
7. Vision and Hearing that meet the criteria in NFPA (National Fire Protection
Association) 1582 Chapter 6:
• Color vision safe
• 20/30 corrected binocular vision and 20/100 uncorrected binocular vision or better
• Normal hearing without artificial aids
Applicants will be assessed during the Medical Screening Stage for these requirements.
*Do not contact us about your medical conditions, your medical history is confidential, and
the onus is on the applicant to seek further information from their medical
provider/specialist and or contact a pre-employment medical provider, as to your suitability
for the position of Firefighter.

8. Completion of NFPA 1001, Level I and II with appropriate IFSAC or Pro Board Seals (see
www.ifsac.org or www.TheProBoard.org for a list of accredited fire academies).
*Applications without this qualification will be accepted only if you are able to obtain
the qualification by the date of an official job offer.

** Please note that the written exam will contain NFPA 1001 level I and II course content.
Applicants without their NFPA 1001 are encouraged to self-study the NFPA material in
preparation for the exam.

9. NO job-related conviction of a criminal or summary offense for which you have not
received a pardon.

10. Your resume will be no more than four pages long, not including the cover letter,
references or professional reference letters – in a 12-point font. Depending on your
education and work experience, you may not be able to list everything within three
pages. In this case use the application to supplement anything you are unable to fit into
your resume.

Cover letters, resume and corresponding documents must be saved as:
 Last Name, First Name – Document Title – VFRS
 E.g. John Carlisle – Resume – VFRS
These additional skills and experiences will enhance your application but do not replace the
required qualifications:

1. Completion of other fire service-related courses or programs. A copy of documentation
demonstrating participation or completion must be provided in the application. We do
not recommend any course or program.
2. Education after completion of High School demonstrating adult learning including but
not limited to academic, technical or trades training. A copy of documentation
demonstrating participation or completion must be provided in the application.
3. Higher or other levels of first aid or first responder certification such as, licensed EMR,
licensed PCP, licensed ACP, licensed CCP, nurse or doctor.
4. Practical experience transferable to areas of firefighting:
• Experience/training in Emergency Services: Fire, Police, Coast Guard, EMS
(Emergency Medical Services), Military, Search and Rescue, Work Experience
Programs (WEP) and Forest Fire Service.
• Construction related trades.
• Heavy equipment operator, truck driving tandem axle vehicles with a class 1, 2 or 3
• Advanced medical training (Paramedic PCP/ACP, EMT, EMR, and Nursing).
• Valid British Columbia Class 4 Driver’s License.
• Academic studies – college/university.
• Coaching, teaching and or instructional experience.
• Ability to swim and related lifesaving and rescue certificates.

• Volunteer experience and community involvement.
• Demonstrated athletic or physical capabilities and achievements.
• Knowledge and ability to work effectively with computer software.
• Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team environment.
5. Second language ability beyond “beginner” level.
6. Demonstration of service to the community through volunteer experience, other than
duties assigned as a Volunteer/POC Firefighter (e.g., responding to calls, training etc.)
Please include hours and duration when listing volunteer experience.
7. Knowledge or experience of other cultures and diversity. Fluency in languages other
than English. Extensive travel experience.
8. Professional Reference letters. Please DO NOT include personal Character


We are currently using an Online Application process, which is accessed from our recruitment
home page: www.vancouver.ca/firejobs
The application portal is available to access from our webpage. VFRS has implemented a Rolling
Application Cycle, therefore, we will be accepting applications until vacancies are filled.
Failure to follow all instructions and submit all supporting documents with the application
may result in that application being screened out.
Due to the high volume of applications, we receive, we are unable to confirm receipt with
individual Applicants.

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